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The COMPLETE Team believes that there is no such thing as a problem that can't be solved. We provide all our customers a solution that meets their specific needs. Don't think it's possible? Take a moment to read some of our customer testimonials.

Mazzone Foods
John and his staff at Complete Commercial Repair have been taking care of our 45,000 square feet of coolers and freezers for many years. John and his staff have consistently been available to us, night or day. They built a large freezer, 40'X 150'X 28' with a motorized vertical door. We have been very pleased with this and all other efforts. We have had no problems or call backs. It matters not when I call John and his staff, they are there to receive my call and trouble shoot my problem, present me with a solution, or come out for the repair. We cannot say enough about the staff and quality of care we have received from Complete Commercial Repair.

Boca Capri Condominium
We have a 50 year old building that presents many challenges. We had many companies attempt to repair our water cooling tower but it seemed we were destined to live with constant trouble. Then I met John with Complete. From the first time I spoke with John, I knew that he knew about what he was talking. When he arrived to look over the problem, he was taken aback by the poor quality of work that had been done. He took all the information and promised to get back to me within 2 days. In the past, this meant the company would maybe not even call back or certainly would not call by the second day! John, however, called me the next day! Furthermore, he had all the information pertaining to the building and the cooling tower! I was thrilled! The board voted to hire him. John and his staff completed the job with only 24 hours of down time. He did everything he promised and beat his proposed deadline for work. We have had no call backs and no problems.

Hard Rock Casino
This is to thank Complete for our latest trouble in our large kitchen. They responded immediately to the call. He diagnosed and solved our problem with the 4'X 30'steam table's heating element which was continually burning out and costing us approximately $2500.00 each repair. We were told by the maker of the table and several other companies that nothing could be done to correct the problem other than keeping our kitchen staff of 250 employees cognizant of the water levels and drain in the table!! John designed a system to automate the steam table and we never again had the problem!

Plantation General Hospital
This is to thank you for all 23 years of impeccable service that Complete has provided us. Over those years, I have seen the hospital "try" to use other companies only to experience frustration. Complete has constantly met all of our repair needs and almost always on the first visit!! Complete is wonderful to work with because (1) they are honest and thorough, and (2) the breadth of repair work. They may be there for ice machines but will stop by the kitchen to be sure all is in working order prior to leaving. Many times they were able to catch a problem before it was disabling. I truly enjoy working with the guys at Complete they are clear in their diagnoses and capability, and are very professional.

Thank you to Complete Commercial Repair and especially John, for all the years of excellent work they have done for us. I have used Complete over the years at different companies. I would not consider using anyone else for our food equipment and air conditioning repair and installation needs. For example, our 20-ton air conditioning system needed constant attention and we had 5 units down as a result! Horizon had attempted to use 3 other companies but John was able to diagnose the causes of the constant problems as a bad well and closed-loop heat exchange system! He was able to fix the problem with the well and the heat exchanger and now everything is working better than ever! He and his team really made me look great to my new board and employer! This confirmed my trust in Complete Commercial Repair. Never has John said he can't repair equipment or fix a problem and never has he not repaired the equipment or fixed the problem.

Ocean Sky
We offer a very strong commendation for Complete Commercial Repair! They have done an outstanding job on our 9-story building. They have changed out over 150 tons of air units all in record time! Their work is professional, efficient and neat.

The Isle
We were glad to find a company that could actually do what they promised. After four prior companies attempted to repair our new $35,000 blast freezer which hadn't worked for 17 months, Complete Commercial Repair came to our rescue and had it up and running within 2 days!! We have had no problems since. Furthermore, while John was diagnosing the blast freezers, he noticed a fluctuating voltage that he traced back to a high voltage transformer and suggested its immediate repair. Had this not been caught, we could have experienced a fire that shut down the casino! John made running the casino easier because he was trustworthy, dependable, and competent!

Broward Preparatory School
We use Complete for every piece of food equipment – gas and electric. They have been a great team to have. We have found them to be immediate in their response to our needs and effective in their repairs. We have not ever had a call back. They are very honest and are fair in their pricing. They are consistently excellent.

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