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Solar Air Conditioning

SOLAR Air Systems

What is Solar Air Conditioning?
A solar air conditioning system is a system that utilizes the sun as a heat source to assist the energy needed to drive the cooling process of a traditional air conditioning system. In turn, the electricity required to run the compressor is reduced.

Why you WANT Solar?
Solar energy is clean – and FREE - energy. Solar air conditioning units use power from the sun rather than relying primarily on your home's electricity. By doing so, your electric bill could be reduced by up to 70% - just by utilizing the sunlight! It saves the environment by reducing your home's carbon footprint, making your system "green." The use of a solar system also lowers your home's humidity, making it more comfortable inside.

How does Solar Air Conditioning Systems Work?
Solar air conditioning units use the heat from the sun, rather than your home's electricity, to superheat the refrigerant. This enables the refrigerant to begin changing the gas into a liquid earlier in the condenser coil. By doing this, more of the condenser cooling face of the coil is utilized and the compression required to achieve the cooling process is lessened. A traditional air conditioning unit is only able to change a portion of the gas into a liquid state. A solar air conditioning unit can convert the gas quicker and deposit the liquid into the metering device faster and more efficiently.

It IS Affordable!
By reducing your air conditioner's amperage from the traditional 6 or 8 amps to 2 amps per ton, you'll save over two-thirds on your cooling bill! This is also the ONLY system that will pay for itself over time! The system costs no more than a traditional high-efficiency system, and there are added benefits to purchasing a solar air conditioning system:

You pay no state sales tax when you buy a solar system

You qualify for a utility company rebate

A 30% federal tax credit is allowed

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